Just a typical day in Tapik Beach

I had a lot of fun relaxing with the employees of Tapik guesthouse. They are all incredibly nice, In the morning after breakfast, i made quick friends with one of the girls working here. We started with a simple conversation and ended up finding out that we had similar tastes and likes. From books that I have read that she has also read, to foreign Asian dramas and mangas and anime. She especially loves Korean dramas and anime, she even loves K-pop and Japanese and Korean game shows. When she found off that I went to Korea she was so excited and grilled me on everything I saw. I showed her the many pictures I took on my phone and she poured over every picture as if her life depended on it.

The day was bright and shiny. There was not a single cloud in the sky. Due to the womanly troubles, I couldn't swim in the clear blue and inviting waters of the Philippines for the first time. However, when the low tide rolled around just past noon and the sun was so strong, I ventured knee deep…

The Van Ride: The Seven Hour Journey to Puerto Princessa to El Nido

So there is no direct flight I could get my hands on from Shanghai directly to El Nido so my trip consisted of a flight from Shanghai to Manila, then Manila to Puerto Princessa then a 7 hour bus ride to Tapik Beach, my hotel about 45 minutes away from Downtown El Nido.

Right off the start my transport van waited for me at the airport with a little handwritten sign with my name on it, and despite the one and a half hour delay from Manila to Puerto Princessa on the Cebu Airline I managed to get the last only good seat on the van.  Both of my flights had been delayed which gave this shotgun front row seat the start of an epic adventure I would embark on.

(To be frank, do not book Cebu Airlines. They're always running late, flights are always delayed, and are a pain in the ass especially if you have a connecting flight to catch the same day. I have spoken to employees of the airline and even immigration officers and they all say the same thing, book with another airline next time.)


Seoul, Korea

It's been nearly two months since I went to Korea and I have not written a single thing about it. I have been busy with work and my new gym routine that I have been very lazy lacking motivation for writing about my trip to Seoul. I remember writing down on my notebook with shiny eyed excitement all the places I wanted to go to on my 5 day trip. I'm pretty impressed with myself that out of the seven places I wanted to go to, I managed to go to five all together.

1.) Gyeongbokgung Palace & 2.)National Folk Museum of Korea

I know I know, you probably didn't even read the work Gyeongbokgung cause your brain was like Um, what the heck?! Don't worry, I did the same thing.

However, its pronounced

You're all welcome.

This Gyeonbukgung (GEEon-Buck-GUN)  Palace was built in 1395 and is the biggest palace out of five. The name of itself, Gyuonbukgung (GEEon-Buck-GUN) means Greatly Blessed by Heaven. The palace itself is not as big as its former glory, only a…