Future Posts Inquiries

I haven't really traveled anywhere this month so I thought I would write post about things that interest you guys.

I received a private message from a friend who always reads my blog about dragon fruit.
What does it taste like?
Why are they white?
More importantly, how does one peel the fruit?

I will be writing a step by step process of dragon fruit and what it taste like. I will also try to incorporate a video (Still trying to figure that one out.)

So what about you? Is there a topic you'd be interested
in reading about?
Send me a message or write a comment below with any inquiries.

As always,
Zai Jian!

The Forbidden City.....Finally!!!

I know it's been a (LOOOOOONG) while  since I've been to the Forbidden City but I just felt like THIS post needed so muchBACKGROUND information. More of the amazing rich history that is needed to understand the pictures. And that required more time.
So I hope I have done justice these pictures as I take you on my trip to the Forbidden City Palace.
You're probably are wondering,

"Why is it called the Forbidden City?"
Well, that's because back in ancient China, only the Emperor and all of his court people could live in the Palace, and because of this, no one, I mean,  NO ONE,  could leave nor enter without his permission. If they did, you would be severely punished. More than likely with your life. Anyways...
The first thing you notice about the Forbidden City are the massive walls that surround the whole place. Second, the long line of people waiting to get through security. Seeing how its a national monument you can see why they are a little hesitant to let …

Shanghai Disneyland

Earlier during the month I took a trip to Shanghai with a couple of friends and one of the things we were adamant about seeing was Disneyland.
I mean come on!
It's Disneyland!!
Despite only being relatively new (It celebrated its 1st year since its Grand Opening) it felt like I had been transported back to my childhood memories of me and my mom running around Disneyland and hugging all the characters and taking millions of pictures.

However, I was taken aback with how vastly different  Shanghai Disney and my California Disney is.
Shanghai Disney like mash of Disney's California Adventure and Disneyland rolled into one (mind you I've NEVER been to Disney's California Adventure by the way).
Let me tell you why they're different.

Shanghai Disney HAS
NO Toon Town (There are a few stores in the Mickey's Avenue when you come in that have a toonish concept but not a whole zone like in the one in California)
NO Main Street U.S.A. (It didn't bother me, I mean, come o…