Cat Diary Episode 141

December 5

After coming back from California for the Thanksgiving holiday, and finally bringing back Charlie home with me, I was finally getting a chance to see what Billie Boo would do when confronted with the sad reality that I was already a kept human.
I took Charlie for a walk about the apartment complex and came across Billie Boo.
The first encounter and already Billy Boo was already drawing back realizing that there was a new furred friend through into our Feline Human friendship. Charlie was a bit weary of her since he has been burned by Feline Canine friendships. Most ending in him getting the bad end of the stick. Still I wanted this friendship to work.
I called to Billie Boo and petted her then called to Charlie and petted him. I walked and Charlie followed. Billie Boo took a few minutes then followed.

I was watching, trying to see if anyone would reach to eachother first.

Billie Boo stopped and then turned to Charlie. Charlie looked at her as she stared at him.

Then, in an u…

Cat Diary Episode 98

October 26th

Billie Boo and I have much progressed in our Feline Human relationship.

Every evening when I get off work and heading through the gated entrance of the apartment complex, Billy Boo comes racing up to me and we make out way to my apartment. Its not everyday but most days. Some days she has much too planned on her schedule and she does not make an apearance and strangely my eyes wander around looking for her, obviously walking much slower to my apartment.
Then again somedays, she is already waiting for me at the staircase.

When Billy Boo follows me up to my apartment and her domain inside my apartment, she meows ferciously when she realizes I am reaching the cupboard for a can of tuna. She shows much enthusiasm for the can of tuna. I have learned that she prefers to eat outside and the tuna must be smushed down and out of the can since she has fragile teeth. Being a cat that is well over 17 years old, I do as much as I can to make her food experience a joyful thing. I boug…

Cat Diary Episode 78

October 6th 2019
So a few months ago I posted on Facebook about a neighborhood feral cat who didn't like anyone after its owner died. Since then, almost everyday, Billie Boo has been taking time out of her very important day to come and greet me. Today she did the craziest thing. 

Normally in the morning on my way to my car to go to work, she hears me coming and meows to me good morning or walks me to the outside gate.
This morning I came down, I hear her meowing and see she's on the second floor of the staircase on the ramparts next to mine which is weird because she never goes up any stairs. I wave tell her good morning and rush off to my car not thinking anything besides it's strange. 
Later, coming back home from work Billie Boo is chilling inside the gate relaxing in some rocks. I locked my car and made my way to pet Billie Boo like I always do, then headed off to my apartment which is on the third floor. And guess which sassy feline decided to follow me?

First she b…

Just a typical day in Tapik Beach

I had a lot of fun relaxing with the employees of Tapik guesthouse. They are all incredibly nice, In the morning after breakfast, i made quick friends with one of the girls working here. We started with a simple conversation and ended up finding out that we had similar tastes and likes. From books that I have read that she has also read, to foreign Asian dramas and mangas and anime. She especially loves Korean dramas and anime, she even loves K-pop and Japanese and Korean game shows. When she found off that I went to Korea she was so excited and grilled me on everything I saw. I showed her the many pictures I took on my phone and she poured over every picture as if her life depended on it.

The day was bright and shiny. There was not a single cloud in the sky. Due to the womanly troubles, I couldn't swim in the clear blue and inviting waters of the Philippines for the first time. However, when the low tide rolled around just past noon and the sun was so strong, I ventured knee deep…